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It's been a while;
multifandom, 90-line, maggie

so just go; goodbye's the new hello
Cha Hakyeon imitates rings. (mtv diary ep 38)
it's latte~ (vixx tv ep 39)
tell me baby where you at
pick up the phone girl
cuz i gotta be there

- Arong
cha leader kisses good and i have feelings

니가 없을 때

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doesn't everyone have the same emotions; cry when it's sad, laugh when it's funny
괜찮아 괜찮아 괜찮아; 모두 다 여기 놓고 가면 돼

(it's alright, it's alright, it's alright; i just have to leave it all here)
Hongbin's abs from mydol - on & on
favourite Hakyeon face + 이뻐~ Jaehwan (vixx tv ep 38)